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The Ohio FFA Convention starts tomorrow. And we have great news. You can take a peek at their sessions live, online at www.ihigh.com/ohffa.

We’d love to be able to watch more state convention sessions! If your state FFA association is interested in broadcasting sessions online, contact Billy Frey, bfrey@alltech.com.

In the meantime, check out these fun facts about agriculture in The Buckeye State:

• Corn and soybeans are the top Ohio crops.

• Ohio leads the U.S. in production of Swiss cheese.

• Ohio has 3,400 beekeepers containing 29,900 bee colonies.

• Other Ohio crops include winter wheat, hay, tomatoes for processing, apples, grapes, poinsettia’s, sweet corn, mushrooms, maple syrup and many, many more.

• Ohio harvested over 1 million pounds of tomatoes in 2008. The state is ranked 5th for fresh tomato production and 3rd for processing tomatoes.

• The hills of Ohio’s eastern and southern regions are blanketed in hardwood forests. Ohio wood carries an international reputation for its tight pattern and shape. Red and white oak and walnut are primarily exported as the world’s finest logs, lumber, chips, and dimension pieces for use in the veneer, furniture, and paper industries. An estimated 300 to 400  million board feet are harvested each year.

• There are 1,470,000 cattle, 2,000,000 hogs, and 115,000 sheep in Ohio.

• Ohio dairy cattle produce over 5.13 billion pounds of milk each year.

• Ohio poultry produce 7.1 billion, or 592 million dozen eggs per year.

• Ohio ranks 16th in beef production with 15,000 beef farms with 292,000 cows.

For more information about the Ohio FFA Association, check out their website and Facebook page.

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