The Minnesota FFA Convention

The Minnesota FFA Convention is wrapping up today. We hope everyone had an unforgettable time!

You can check out all of their convention sessions on iHigh:

(If your state would like more information about broadcasting its convention online contact Billy Frey,

Here are some fun facts about agriculture in Minnesota:

–  Corn and soybeans are the state’s top producing crops. Nationally, Minnesota ranks third in soybean and fourth in corn production.

•    Minnesota has 19 ethanol plants and three biodiesel plants. Total projected ethanol production  for 2008 is nearly 1 billion gallons. The state currently has a 10% mandate for ethanol blend and  5% for biodiesel. The state hopes to boost those blends in the next few years.

•    Minnesota leads the nation in producing sugarbeets, turkeys, oats and sweet corn and green  peas for processing. The state is second only to California in wild rice production. The state is also  a major producer of spring wheat, canola, hogs, dry beans and milk cows.

•    Minnesota is unique in the production of wild rice, with both cultivated paddy wild rice and  traditional Native American hand harvested wild rice.

•    Minnesota leads the nation in turkey production. The state is also a major producer of hogs, milk  cows and mink pelts.

•    Hogs are Minnesota’s top-producing livestock commodity.

•    Other livestock raised in Minnesota include bison, elk and ostriches. Minnesota is second nationally for number of bison producers, raising 12,000 head.

•    The Agriculture and Food Industry is the 2nd largest employer in Minnesota.

•    Two-thirds of all agricultural jobs are off-farm, in processing, distribution, supply and service  sectors.

•    Minnesota ranks 7th in farm exports with Canada, Mexico and Japan being the state’s largest  export customers.

•    Mississippi River: Starts in Minnesota. 680 miles of its 2,552 total miles flow through Minnesota.

–    The Mississippi transports 66% of all grain exported from the United States.

For more information about the Minnesota FFA Association, check out their website and Facebook page.

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