Let’s go, Idaho!

Idaho State Seal

Idaho State Seal

Today is the start of the Idaho FFA Conference. We hope it’s a fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

Here are some things we bet you didn’t know about agriculture in Idaho:

  • Idaho is known for its seed industry producing 80-85% of the sweet corn seed produced in the world; also a leading supplier for alfalfa, field and garden beans; Kentucky Bluegrass seed; and carrot, onion, turnip, lettuce seeds.
  • First grapes grown in Idaho date back to 1864 and Idaho now has over 1000 acres with 38 wineries.
  • Idaho ranks third nationally for vegetable (mainly potato) production in the United States.
  • The top agricultural commodities in Idaho in 2008 were: dairy products, cattle and calves, potatoes, hay, wheat, sugarbeets and barley.
  • There are more than 24, 500 farms in Idaho, with over 160 different commodities produced.
  • Idaho has a very extensive system of dams, reservoirs, canals and drainage ditches allowing water to be used many times in many different ways. There are 3.2 million acres of irrigated land within the state.
  • The McDonald’sFrench Fry was developed by Idaho Agriculture Leader J. R. Simplot who developed the dehydrated shoestring potato that could be quickly frozen.
  • Idaho ranks 21st nationally for agricultural production within the United States.

For more information about the Idaho FFA Association visit their website and Facebook page.

Author: geoffreymillerffa

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