The Nevada state FFA convention starts today!

Today is the beginning of the Nevada FFA Convention. We know it will be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

Let’s honor our Silver State friends by learning some facts about Nevada agriculture:

  • Agriculture is one of Nevada’s most important industries, contributing significantly to the economies of rural communities and the state as a whole.
  • The state’s leading agricultural industry is range livestock production.
  • Cow-calf operations predominate.
  • The larger cattle and sheep ranches are in the northern half of the state.
  • Dairy, sheep and lambs, and hogs are among Nevada’s other livestock enterprises.
  • The greatest number of dairies are in northern Nevada, the largest dairies are in the south.
  • Horses and poultry are also raised.
  • Agricultural crops consist mainly of alfalfa hay, sold as cubes and compressed bales, alfalfa seed, potatoes, barley, wheat, rye, oats, vegetables, mint, garlic and onions, and some fruits.
  • Nevada is the nations most urban state. The majority of its residents live in urban areas, greater
  • than 70% of its residents live in Las Vegas alone.

Author: geoffreymillerffa

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